You can access many PC Health Advisor functions directly from the system tray icon. The icon appears when you start the program. You can get an indication of the PC Health Advisor status from looking at the state of the icon and you can also access several menu options directly from the icon.

From the system tray icon you can access the following functions:


  • Register: Unlicensed users can easily access the registration page.
  • Launch: Opens the program window.
  • Start Scan: Starts the RegCure Pro scan.
  • Update: Checks for updates to the program and database and whitelist.
  • Exit: Closes the program completely.
Icon States

The PC Health Advisor status can be determined by the state of the icon in the taskbar. The following table identifies the states.

Name Description
Standard The state when the program is first installed and launched.
Cleaned This icon is displayed after scanning and cleaning all detected items.
Threat Unresolved issues were detected from the previous scan and have yet to be fixed.
Error/Critical Warning Malware items were detected from the previous scan and have yet to be removed. 

Reopen the Program

With the program window minimized to the system tray, you can open the program from the system tray icon.

To re-open the Main window, do one of the following:
  • Right-click the PC Health Advisor icon in the system tray and select Launch.
  • Double-click the system tray icon.