The RegCure Pro About page offers easy access to a variety of options connected to the program. It is here that you can register RegCure Pro and, using a license key, activate the program. You can also check for updates, manage your update options, renew the software, purchase additional licenses, generate a log file, contact Tech Support or unlicense the product.


To view the About page:

With RegCure Pro open, click the About button located at the top right.

The items listed in the About page include your product version, registration information, and de-registration controls.


Check for Updates:

On the About page you can check to see if there are any updates available for RegCure Pro. If you have disabled automatic updates it is recommended that you periodically check for updates on this page.


To check for updates:

From the program window, click the About button located at the top right.

Click the Check for Updates... button. Any available updates will be installed.


It is sometimes necessary to remove your license key from RegCure Pro. For example, if you are migrating to a new computer or rebuilding your computer to use a fresh or new operating system, you would want to use the Unlicense feature.


To remove your license key:

With RegCure Pro open, click on About.

Click the Unlicense button located at the bottom of the window.

In the confirmation dialog, click Yes.

Renewing Your License Key:

If your license is about to expire you can renew it. You will need an Internet connection to renew your license.

To renew your license key:

From the Main window, select About.

Click the Renew button.

An Internet browser will open. Follow the steps as directed.

When you are finished, right-click the RegCure Pro icon in the system tray and select Exit.

Double-click the RegCure Pro desktop icon to launch the program.


If you renew your license while there is time remaining on your previous registration, the time is appended accordingly.