Performing a System Scan is a simple process and you can cancel anytime during the scan.

Scan Settings

To begin, you can view and select the items that are to be scanned.

To view the Scan settings:

 From the left pane of the program window, click the Overview tab.

There are five scan areas as listed below.

System Issues - Scans for invalid registry entries.
Malware Protection - Scans for any malicious processes that are running on your system.
System Performance - Scans for any unwanted processes that are running on your system.
Privacy Protection - Scans for items that are considered private or confidential so that you can easily remove them to save disk space.
Junk Files - Scans for unwanted items and clutter that can be removed.

Selecting Scan Components

By default, the program is set to scan all scan areas. You can clear any item so that it is not included in the scan.

To clear an item:

From the Overview window, clear the check box associated with the item.

Start a Scan

Once you have selected which items you want to scan, you can choose from one of several ways to start a scan.

To begin a scan, do one of the following:

1. From the left pane of the program window, click the System Scan tab.
2. From the Overview page, click the Click to Start Scan button.
3. Right-click the system tray icon and select Start scan.

While the scan is running, the status is displayed.

Stop a Scan

During the scan, you have the option of stopping and returning to the first step.

To stop the scan and return to the previous step:

 Click the Stop Scan button.

 With the scan complete or partially complete, you can now review and fix identified issues. You are now ready to proceed to the next step: Review Results