You can set the Options to determine which items and categories are going to be scanned. The category list will be updated periodically and offered as a free update for registered users. You can also set a shred level for scans or choose to have scans complete automatically.

Scan Categories - Within each category is a list of applications and the items that can be scanned and removed. By selecting the items you want, you can control what is scanned. 
This will determine how long the scan takes and how thorough it will be.

To select items to scan:

  1. Click Options along the left side of Privacy Controls
  2. Click the More Info link next to a category name.
  3. Click the + button to expand a sub-category.
  4. Select the associated check box next to the category item.



You can clear any individual item or you can clear a top-level category so that all the items within the category are disabled (not selected).

To clear a top-level category:

Clear the check box associated with the top-level category.

When you select a check box that you have previously cleared, the last settings are retained. You will need to use the restore default option to return to the original settings.

Scan Shred Levels - When a scan is complete and you choose to remove items detected, Privacy Controls will perform one of these actions as set on the Options page:

Delete files without overwriting The data is deleted but not overwritten. This is the safest option and is the default for Privacy Controls.
Quick The data is overwritten with a single random pass and cannot be recovered without the use of sophisticated restoration equipment.
Safe The data is overwritten in three passes according to DoD 5220-22M specifications (the standard for permanent erasure of digital information as set by the U.S. Department of Defense).
 This is the recommended setting as it meets security requirements without over-extending system resources.
ThoroughThe data is overwritten according to DoD 5220-22M specifications (the standard set by the U.S. Department of Defense) but includes an extra four passes for a total of seven.
 This is very secure but will take more time especially when shredding many files at once.

To change the Shred Level:

  1. From the main window, click the Options button.
  2. At the bottom of the page click the When removing drop-down menu.
  3. Select an option from the menu.

Automatic Cleaning -You can automatically clean items after the scanning is complete.

We recommend you review and select the Scan Option items as described above before configuring the automatic clean function.

To automatically clean items:

  1. From the main window, click the Options button.
  2. Check the Automatically clean after scanning check box.

This option is disabled if you are not a registered user of the program.

Restore Default Settings - You can restore the original program settings. By restoring the settings you return the Scan Options to those provided by ParetoLogic Privacy Controls.

This also results in the warning messages being displayed again if you had them turned off previously using the: "Do not display this message again" check box.

To restore the default settings:

  1. From the Main window, click the Options button.
  2. Click the Restore Defaults button.
  3. In the confirmation dialog, click OK.