After completing a scan, the results are displayed. You can review and edit the results before clicking the Remove button. By default, all items are selected to be removed.


You can also choose which items will be detected on the Options page before running a scan.

Reviewing Items - The main scan categories are displayed with a description, total of items found, and the option to show or hide More Info.

You can display and review all the items in each of the scan categories.

To view the items detected in any category:

  1. Click the associated More Info link in the top category.
  2. Click the + button to expand the subcategories.
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over titles and locations to view a description.

To edit the list of items being removed:

  1. Identify the category, subcategory, or file that you do not want removed.
  2. Clear the checkbox next to item.


Removing Items - After reviewing the items you want to remove you can choose whether the items are overwritten or simply deleted. You can set the shred level on the Options page.

Privacy Controls will remove items in Temp folders. If you save or store files you want to keep in Temp folders, please move them to a different folder or review the Options page to ensure temp directories are not removed in the scan.

To permanently delete all selected items:

  • Click the Remove button.