The Duplicate Finder is a tool designed to search for identical files that are using system space. After it finds these files, it gives you the option to remove one of them.

To find duplicate files, do the following:

  1. From the main page, click the Duplicate Finder button.
  2. Click the Browse.. button to choose where to search for duplicate files.
  3. Select a Folder and click OK. Now, click Find Duplicates to begin the search.
  4. From the list of found items, please place a check mark next to any files you would like to delete or move.
  5. Now click Move Items to transfer them to a new location, or click Recycle Items to delete the files.

PC Health Advisor will not detect important system files, or files that are unsafe to remove.

You can also open any file to investigate it by placing a check mark next to it, and clicking the Open Item button.

If you are aware of the duplicate file but do not wish to take any action, you can place a check mark next to it and click Remove From List to ignore the file in future scans.