The EasyFileViewer Wizard takes you through steps to locate and open the file you need.

To use the File Wizard

Click the File menu in the top-left corner and selecting Open File Wizard.

Wizard Steps

There are three steps to guide you in finding the file you need to open.

After each step, do one the following:

If you see the file you want to open you can simply double click it.

Click the link in the lower-right corner to proceed to the next step.

Wizard Step


Step 1: Recent File Scan

EasyFileViewer displays recent files from common locations.

Step 2: File Search

Enter the file name to search for the file. You will be shown thumbnail images of the files. See information on Advanced Searching below.

Step 3: Tree

Select a folder, hard drive, or removable media from the left pane to search its contents. Enter the name of the file in the field to the top right titled “Type Here to Search”. See information on Tree Navigation below.

Search All

If you still cannot locate your file, you can search your entire computer with the Search All function.

To search your entire computer:

After Step 3 you will see the words To search more areas of your PC Click here.

Clicking the word here will search your entire computer. This search may take a few moments.

Advanced Searching

You can also perform a wildcard search if you know the extension of the file you are looking for, but not the title. This will then return every file that ends in the extension .txt in the location selected.

For example, if you are looking for a .txt file on your C:\ drive, select C:\ under My Computer, and then search for: *.txt

In addition to EasyFileViewer’s File Wizard which lets you search for files, your Windows operating system will also allow you to search for files.

How to search for files:

1. Go to your Desktop and press the Windows Start key on your keyboard (Windows XP: Click Search).

2. In the search field type in the name of the file you want to search for (Windows XP: Click All Files and Folders along the left hand side).

3. Press Enter to start the search.

Tree Navigation

You can navigate through the file tree of your computer to find the files you want.

The “tree” refers to the folders within folders that contain all the files on your operating system. The drive you are searching on is the “trunk” of the tree, and the folders are all branches from this central location. Folders can have “sub-folders” which are like smaller branches coming off a large bough.

For example, to get to your Desktop you would start by selecting your hard drive, the trunk of the tree, in most cases this will be C:\. Expand the contents of C:\ and you will see many folders, one will be calledUsers, this is the first branch of the tree. Within this folder there will be another folder titled after your User Name—this is the next branch—and lastly within that folder you will see another folder called Desktop. Clicking that final Desktop folder will show you all the contents of your desktop.