With the Email Scan, you can recover emails that have been previously removed.

You can perform an Email Scan with Data Recovery Pro to examine if particular emails are available to recover.

Email Scan Options

You can simply type in and search for a specific filename or text within a file. Or select from the categories below.


Scan your default email application

Scan the default email client. This option is ideal if you are the primary user of the computer and the default email profile is your own.

Scan a specific email profile

This option is what you need to use when there is more than one profile and the profile you want to scan is not the default profile. With Microsoft Outlook, emails are stored within .PST files. If you are using Outlook you will have to select a file as displayed in the Microsoft Outlook PST Files field at the bottom of the Email page.

Select a specific data file

You can use this option when you want to select a specific email data file such as a .PST or a .DBX file. This option works well for data files that are stored on backup or on an external drive.

Start an Email Scan

When you select an option and run a scan, results are displayed and you can recover one or more email files in the same manner as described in the Preview and Recover section.

To scan for lost emails:

Type text from the content or subject of the lost email in the Search for field, or leave it blank.

Select one of the Scan Options

If you choose to scan a specific email profile, select one from the drop-down menu.

If you choose to scan a select a specific data file, browse for the .PSTor .DBX file by clicking Select PST/DBX...

Click the Start Scan button

The Email Scan will detect any email files in your profile or data file that are available for recovery.