The general settings in EasyFileViewer govern the default settings for how the program will interact with the files on your computer.

Image View – What size should images be displayed as?

Here you can set the size you want images to display as when you first open them. Default Optimal Display will automatically display the image at the best possible resolution that still fits within your EasyFileViewer window. Fit To Window makes sure the entire image will always fit inside the current EasyFileViewer window. 100% means the image will display at full resolution, regardless of size, every time.

Archive – Where should archived files be extracted to?

Archives compress many different files into a single archive, to access the individual files again you must extract them. By default files are extracted to the Desktop; this makes it easy to locate your files after extraction. You can restore these files by extracting them, and this option lets you choose where those files will go. Always Ask means you will be prompted to select a location for the files every time you extract them. Always extract to specified directory lets you select a folder  or location on your computer that archived files will always extract to.

Always open files in existing EasyFileViewer window. Do not open new windows

This option controls how many EasyFileViewer windows will be open at any given time. By default you can have several EasyFileViewer windows open at once, each viewing a different file. This option limits you to only one window at a time.

After altering any settings please click OK or Apply to save the changes.