Areas to Scan

You can select the associated check box to any of the options in the Areas to Scan section. This includes the following:

Area & Description:

Recycle Bin Includes files that have been deleted to the Recycle Bin but have not yet been removed.

Corrupt Hard Drive sectors Files that are located on a bad sector of the hard disk drive. While the system can not use these sections of the disk, Data Recovery can attempt to recover remaining data.

Files without names Files that have no information (filename or folder information) in the file table. This can include a file deleted from an old partition, a file in a bad sector, or any other location on the disk.

Reformatted PartitionsReformatted partitions including those partitions that were once an existing partition but are now considered "old" as there has since been a re-partitioning or formatting of the drive.

Mounted and Unmounted VolumesYou can choose to select any drives that are mounted or unmounted in your Advanced Scan. If there are unmounted drives available to scan they will appear in the Unmounted Volume section.

There are some situations where parts of a file are stored in various locations. In some instances only part of the file remains as one or more parts are overwritten or are inaccessible due to a faulty disk drive such as a bad sector. Recovery will take place if the section of the file can be successfully retrieved and if the file type is known.