After running a scan the results are displayed. You can recover any or all detected items that are displayed in the list. Before you begin to recover items, we recommend that you preview them.
You can see a preview image where a preview window appears for the selected item. Only particular file formats can be previewed, including most text and image formats.
To preview an item in the list: 

1. Expand the category by clicking the + symbol to the left of the category name.
2. Position your mouse cursor over the detected item.
3. Expand and Select Items To Recover
Sort the Scan Results
You can change the sort order of the scan results. Once they are sorted you can reverse the order.
To sort the results: In the Select Items To Recover page, click one of the column headers.

Name, Location, Size, Date Created, Date Accessed, and Date Modified.

You can reverse the order of the results by clicking the column header twice.
Sorting the scan results is especially useful when trying to find a specific file among a large list of results.
The number of items found will be displayed in the results area at the bottom right. You can recover the items you choose to select in the list. All items left unchecked will not be recovered.
To select and recover items from the list:

1. Select the check box associated with the item.
2. Check that the File Recovery Location is correct (see below).
3. Once all items you wish to recover are selected, click the Recover button.

When you delete a file it is moved to the Recycle Bin. When Data Recovery Pro recovers items from the Recycle Bin, they are moved to the recover location. You will no longer be able to locate and recover them from the Recycle Bin.
File Recovery Location
By default, your files that are recovered are placed in one location to make locating the files easy.
To recover files from the default location: 

Go to the Desktop and open the Recovered Items folder. Data Recovery Pro creates this folder automatically.

You also have the option of changing the location of recovered files before completing the recovery process.
To choose the location of the recovered files: 

1. At the bottom of the results page, click the Change Location link.
2. In the Browse For Folder window, select a folder or create a new folder using the Make New Folder button.
3. Click OK.