Some items return to your computer after being removed as part of normal operation.

Some files are in use by your system, but contain sensitive data. These files are set to be deleted when your computer restarts, and are then recreated without any personal information. These files will continue to show up in a scan until your computer is restarted, and they may show up again after that as they accumulate personal data.

Some files are routinely recreated as part of a program's operating procedure, so deleting the item clears saved data.

If you would like to place items on the ignore list so they will be skipped:

  • Scan with RegCure Pro but do not fix items.
  • On the scan results page select the items you are seeing on repeated scans.
  • Click the Ignore button next to that item to place it on the Ignore list.
  • Continue fixing the scan results.

You should no longer see the items placed on the list in future scans.