The EasyFileViewer homepage is the first page you will see if you open the program without viewing a file. This welcome screen provides quick access to EasyFileViewer’s features, options, and program information.

The File, Edit, View and Help menu options offer access to EasyFileViewer tools and settings.

You can drag-and-drop files directly into the program to view them, or search your computer to find the file you need to open.

When you open a file with EasyFileViewer, the top of the window contains menu items tailored to the type of file you are viewing:

Hover over any of the menu item icons to get a description of its function.

The menu items allow you to view and manipulate the files in different ways or extract the information you need from the file.

Some menu options include:

Main View

File Properties View

Hex View

Rotate image

Select all

Copy text

If a file is being viewed you will be given additional tools to manipulate the file, as well as information.