You can use the File Extension Manager in PC Health Advisor to get information on a particular file type and to receive a list of recommended software that can open the file.

The File Extension Manager not only allows you to get information on a particular file type, it also has the following additional features:


Managing Applications:

You can use the The File Extension Manager tool to control what programs are associated with each file type on your computer. You can filter the items that are in the list to better identify or single out a particular item. Once you have reviewed the information in the list you can choose to change a file association. To do so you need to click the Change button next to each item and select or locate a new program.

Monitoring File Association Changes:

The File Extension Manager tool is very useful in keeping track of any changes to file associations. For example, if you are installing new software and the newly installed program changes the association of existing files on your system, the Monitor tool will notify you by displaying a popup message. In these situations you can click the notification that appears and be directed to the File Extension Manager page. You can then choose to accept the change or revert it to the program you are currently using for that file.