The File Extension Manager provides a quick search for file extension issues on your system. RegCure Pro can quickly fix many file extension issues and provide a list of applications that will open thousands of file types.

  • Open RegCure Pro and go to the Tools tab.
  • Click on File Manager.
  • Enter the file extension you are trying to open (example: .doc, .pdf, or .jpg) in the text field provided, and click Find Software.
  • The File Manager page will open, with the list of programs that will open that file extension.

For each file extension, the File Manager will display:

  • File extension
  • Alias: any other aliases for the extension
  • Type: the type of file (for example, "Document file type")
  • Description: information related to the file extension

You will also see a table with the following information:


A rating based on a scale of zero to five stars is displayed, if available.

Software Information

The Learn More link leads your web browser to the software vendor's web site where you can receive more information.


This button causes your web browser to open to the software vendor's download page.


Shows if the software is free or if a license needs to be purchased.


  • The table is arranged with free software at the top of the list. After that, items are ranked by rating.
  • In some cases there are multiple types of files which use a given extension. All instances are displayed with the most common and well-known instances at the top.
  • Before choosing a program to download, it is recommended that you read about the program and examine its features and system requirements.


After examining the list of software solutions that support the file extension, you can choose to download software.

To download a supported software product:

  • Click the Download button associated with a particular supported software.
  • Your browser opens to the vendor site and you can locate and click the required link.

Each vendor has a set of steps specific to their own download process.