It is normal for PC Health Advisor to find results in each scan. Here are common reasons results in each category:

Privacy Files:

Your computer is always tracking your activity and stores this information in caches, Temporary Internet Files and other areas. The Privacy Files scan in PC Health Advisor removes these entries, however, some are automatically recreated by the operating system. When they are recreated, they will be wiped of the data they used to store. When the computer reboots the old files are deleted and new versions, minus your personal information, are created.

Active Processes:

Active processes are part of programs currently running on your computer. This area of the scan looks for malware processes that may be running and disables them. Legitimate programs that are currently running will also be listed. For example, if you have an anti-virus program protecting your computer, you will see it's processes in the Active Process scan. Your computer is always running processes so PC Health Advisor will always have results to display in this category.

Startup Items:

These are programs that are set to start when you turn your computer on. If you have programs set to load at startup, you should expect to see results in this category. For example, your anti-virus program probably loads when the computer is turned on. In this case, the anti-virus program will show up in each PC Health Advisor scan Startup Item scan.