While Digital Care includes plenty of cleaning and maintenance features, it is also intended for use as a full antivirus program. If you already have an active antivirus program and you do not intend to use Digital Care as your primary antivirus, you can take these steps to ensure that there is no conflict between it and your current security programs.

Once you are signed into Digital Care AntiVirus Complete, please first follow these steps to disable the duplicated security features within Digital Care:

  1. Open Digital Care AntiVirus Complete if it is not already open
  2. Click on Security
  3. Click on Active Protection
  4. Click the Green ON button to slide active protection to OFF. This should now show Red
  5. Click Security again
  6. Click Firewall
  7. Click to turn off all active features on this page, Domain Network, Private Network, Public Network. Once done, these should all show Red and OFF
  8. Click Security once more
  9. Click Web Defender
  10. Click button to turn off Web Defender. This should show Red and OFF

Even with Digital Care's Anti-Virus functions disabled, you will also need to disable the program from opening at the startup of your computer:

  1. Click the Start button in the Lower left corner of the Desktop
  2. Type Task Scheduler and press Enter on the Keyboard
    • This will open the Task Scheduler Window
  3. Along the Far Left of this window click Task Scheduler Library
    • The part of the window located in the middle will now change
  4. Scroll through the provided list and Locate Digital Care
  5. Right Click Digital Care and select Properties
    • A New Window will appear
  6. Click the Trigger Tab along the top of the window
  7. Left Click the Entry within the window so it is highlighted in Blue
  8. Click Edit at the bottom of the window
    • A New Window will appear
  9. Uncheck Enabled in the lower left corner of this Window
  10. Click OK
    • The Window will now close returning you to the Trigger window
  11. Click OK again
    • The Window will now close
  12. Close the Task Scheduler using the X in the upper right hand corner