Occasionally after you run a scan with PC Health Advisor, you may lose your Firefox bookmarks. This is because Firefox stores bookmark data in a single location that is also used to store information about your browsing history. When your browsing history is removed, you may also lose bookmark information.

To prevent PC Health Advisor from removing this information in the future:

1. Please open PC Health Advisor and from the Home screen click the Settings tab along the top.

2. Click Privacy Settings.

3. Under Internet Browsing History click Firefox (To expand or collapse a category, simply click on it).

4. Now deselect Browsing History, along with any other categories you do not wish to have cleaned.

After making the above changes, PC Health Advisor will no longer remove your Firefox bookmarks during a scan.

If you wish to continue having your Firefox history cleared without losing bookmarks, you can set Firefox to clear the history automatically using these instructions.

Please visit this link for more information on how to restore any lost bookmark privileges.