To narrow down the cause, we would like to ask you to where the files are not being removed from by doing the following:

Please let us know immediately which group or groups you are unable to remove items from.

  1. Open Privacy Controls.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Uncheck all groups except Windows Cache & History.
  4. Click Scan.
  5. Click Start Scan.
  6. When the scan completes, click Remove.
  7. When the removal is complete, check to ensure all items were removed.
  8. If all items are removed, please proceed by repeating the above steps for Internet Browsing History.
  9. Once complete, continue to repeat the steps for each of the other sections: Chat and Instant Messaging History, MS Office History, Multimedia History, File Sharing History, Email Trash and Third-Party Application History

To ensure that all items have been removed from a section, click the beside a group; any entries in grey text could not be removed. What we would like to find out is if there are one or more groups that contain a large number of the entries that are not being removed, so we can then try to work out a course of action to remove these items manually.