EasyFileViewer is designed to make opening a file a quick and easy process.

Once you have launched EasyFileViewer there are several ways to get started viewing your files

  • Drag the file you want to open onto the EasyFileViewer main window. EasyFileViewer will automatically detect the type of file and allow you to start viewing it.
  • Click on the File Wizard button on the main page to launch the EasyFileViewer Wizard, which will help you locate the file you need.
  • Click on the File menu and then select Open File. This will let you browse your computer for the file to open.

Open an unassociated file with EasyFileViewer:

  1. Locate the file you wish to open with EasyFileViewer.
  2. Double click the file.
  3. If the file can be viewed with EasyFileViewer you will be asked if you wish to open it.
  4. Click Open File to view the file in EasyFileViewer.

If you drag a file that cannot be opened with EasyFileViewer into the program it will display file property and other info, but it will not be able to fully display the file. If you double click a file that cannot be opened with EasyFileViewer, you will receive a Windows notification that it will not be opened.