You can start a scan once you know which scan type suits your needs.

To begin a scan:

1. In the main window, click the Scan button.
2. Select a scan type: Quick ScanFull Scan, or Guided Scan.
3. The Guided Scan will ask you to choose whether you want to recover items from your hard drive, lost emails from your email program, or from an external device.
4. If you are looking for a particular file, enter a filename or text content in the Search for field.
5. Click the Start Scan button.

When the scan completes you can sort, preview and recover items detected in the list. You can also cancel a scan that is in progress.

To cancel the scan:

1. Click the Cancel button. You can recover any items that were detected before you cancelled the scan.
2. Click Cancel again to exit the scan results.

After cancelling the scan, you can do one of the following:

1. Recover items from the displayed results. 
2. Click to expand the list of results, and select the files you would like to recover.
3. Click Recover to proceed.
4. The Recovery Folder will be displayed; select Change Location to recover the selected files to a new location to avoid rewriting or damaging your files. 

To avoid overwriting your documents, it is recommended that you always recover your files to a different drive or folder from the location that they are being recovered from. 

Click another option in the left panel of the Main window such as Advanced or Email. You can return to the Scan page and the results of your previous scan will still be displayed. These remain resident until you cancel, close the window, or start a new scan. You can recover any items that were detected. When the scan is complete, there will be a list of results displayed. You can expand the list to see the individual items that have been detected. You can also change how the items are sorted and get a preview.

Click the Cancel button to discard the scan results. You will not be able to recover any items and will return to the first scan screen.

Please note that there is no guarantee a file will be recovered in whole or in part. Much of this depends on how much free space is on the hard disk drive. If the computer system requires space to save new files it could write to areas of the disk that were previously used by pre-existing data.