We use our computers for a variety of purposes: business, communication, paying bills, planning trips, school tasks, playing music, or viewing photos. As a result, our computers contain a lot of information. Some of it is important for business or school success. Other files have sentimental value, such as photos of family and friends.

In situations where you are faced with data loss, you have the option of taking on a hard drive recovery solution. However, this solution is often costly. A more affordable and easier alternative is Data Recovery Pro software. Data Recovery Pro does not require advanced computer knowledge and performs a deep scan of your system to detect deleted files and recover them for you.

One important note in considering a recovery strategy relates to disk space. Sufficient disk space is required to restore files without affecting the existing functionality of the system. We highly recommend that a full backup of your existing system is done prior to the use of any recovery or removal tool.

Data Recovery Pro provides the following features and benefits:

Multiple storage recovery: 

You can recover files from multiple storage locations. While there are no guarantees that a file is not permanently lost or damaged, Data Recovery Pro attempts recovery of files that were deleted including those that were on peripheral devices.

Multiple file type support: 

With Data Recovery Pro you can recover all types of multimedia files and office documents as well as the following:

  • Compressed files
  • Encrypted files
  • Files sent to the Recycle Bin  

Recover missing or deleted songs, pictures, video's etc, from portable media players or cellular devices: 

Data Recovery Pro is able to scan and recover files from most peripheral devices, including iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic as well as all android devices.

Email recovery:  

Data Recovery Pro includes the ability to scan for emails so that you can see what email messages are recoverable. With Data Recovery Pro Pro you can recover emails that are detected from the scan. Email support includes PST files (.pst), OST files (.ost) or Outlook Express file system files (.dbx). Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007; Outlook Express 6; and Windows Mail (Vista Mail) are supported.

Recover formatted and partitioned files: 

With Data Recovery Pro, you can also recover files that are on a reformatted partition. This includes formatted media and partitions that have been re-partitioned or formatted.

Easy filtering and recovery of files: 

You can narrow your search results by filtering the found items. Afterwards you can select only the items you want to recover and they are then restored to one location that you can easily locate. You can also choose to relocate the Recovery folder location.