If the performance of your computer is slowyou may be able to use PC Health Advisor's Startup Manager to free up system resources.

The Startup Manager displays a list of programs that are set to run every time your computer boots and allows you to choose which ones you want to keep. Many programs automatically set themselves to run every time you start your computer, and then continue running in the background; this can slow your computer down both during startup, and afterwards.

To view the Startup Manager list, go to the Main window of PC Health Advisor, click the Startup Manager shortcut button. From there, you can disable any programs you do not need.

If your computer is still slow after using the Startup Manager, you may wish to take advantage of the Defrag feature in PC Health Advisor. To Defragment a drive click the Disk tab, then click Defrag. From the Defrag screen you can select a drive and click Analyze to an overview. If a defrag is required, you will be prompted.