When you are finished, making your selections you can fix the items.

Fix All Categories

Each of the items listed under the Action column can be chosen to clean, remove and optimize the associated items.

When you choose to remove malware or clean privacy files PC Health Advisor will prompt you to reboot your computer. We recommend that you save all your work and close all running programs.

To fix all the selected items:


  • Click the Fix All button.  

Fix One Category
You can also choose to fix only certain items from the Overall Scan Results list.  If an item was detected in one of the categories, there will be a corresponding green button. Otherwise, the button will be disabled; it is grayed out.
 After you fix one item in the list, the program will return to the Home page where you can perform a new scan. If you want to fix more than one item, we recommend using the Fix All button as described above.


To fix a particular category in the Results list:

  • Click the associated button (Clean, Remove, or Optimize)
  • Click Yes in the confirmation box.

You can choose to cancel and return to the Home page without fixing the detected issues.

To cancel and return to the Home page:

  • Click the Cancel button.

You can view the progress during the cleaning process. Afterwards you are navigated to the Overview page and the results are displayed.