ParetoLogic Privacy Controls provides the following features and benefits:

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8, and 7: ParetoLogic Privacy Controls now works with the latest Microsoft operating systems.

Performance: You can remove items that are created automatically and are temporarily cached on your system. This frees up space on your hard drive and improves computer performance.

Coverage: ParetoLogic Privacy Controls performs a Scan and Remove process using an extensive list of system and application categories. Each category has a set of items you can configure to be scanned. ParetoLogic is dedicated to broadening this coverage and passing on free updates.

Easy Selection: You can customize the scanning process by selecting which items ParetoLogic Privacy Controls scans. You can choose which items you want to remove after the scan is complete. With the click of a button, all the items are removed quickly and easily.

Preview Images: Getting a preview is a good way to visually verify what you are about to delete. During the scan a preview of detected images is displayed. When the scan is complete, you can expand the list of detected items and place your mouse cursor over an image to see a preview before deleting it.

Shred Files: You can select items or you can drag-and-drop files to the Shred list. You can choose the level of overwriting that fits your needs. The Shred levels include Quick, Safe, and Thorough. The Quick level uses a single random overwrite pass. The Safe level makes use of overwrite technology that adheres to DoD 5220-22M specifications (the standard for permanent erasure of digital information as set by the U.S. Department of Defense). The Thorough level uses the same DoD specification and includes an extra four overwrite passes.

Safeguards: Erasure and permanently shredding files requires caution. ParetoLogic Privacy Controls uses safeguards to assist you in verifying the items you select are, in fact, unwanted.

Updates and Support: You automatically receive free database updates for categories and, throughout the lifetime of your subscription, you also benefit from free product updates. Registered ParetoLogic Privacy Controls customers can receive assistance from our Technical Support team. Our team and our services have been described by our customers as persistent, responsive, and timely. We work with you to solve problems.