Scan your Computer:

Before scanning, you can adjust which items PC Health Advisor will remove by clicking on the Settings tab. From there, select Privacy Settings or Registry Settings to control what will be detected by a scan. When you are ready to scan, please click the Home button, and then select Click to Start Scan. After the scan has finished, you will be able to choose which areas to fix.

Optimize your Computer:

When the scan is complete, a Health Level indicator will display the overall health of the computer. There is also a summary of detected items where you can review potential fixes and decide which ones you need.

Fix Detected Items:

To fix the errors detected by PC Health Advisor, please either click the green button next to the category you want to fix, or click the Fix All button to fix errors in all categories. In order to completely clean some categories, PC Health Advisor will need to restart your computer in order to allow the changes to take effect. Please save your work and close any other running programs before fixing errors with PC Health Advisor.

Optimize and Disk Tools:

PC Health Advisor has many different tools you can use to optimize your computer or free up space. These tools include a Process Manager, a Startup Manager, and a Browser Helper Object Manager; under the Disk tab, you can also find a Duplicate File Finder, Restore Point Manager, Defrag manager, and options to quickly clear your internet history.