After scanning your system with ParetoLogic Privacy Controls, the program may let you know that a reboot is required to clear some of the files which are currently in use. In order to do this, Privacy Controls creates a registry entry to open the program on start-up. The registry entry is meant to be removed when the program starts to ensure that it does not open again on the next reboot. However, we have found that sometimes the key is created but does not contain the full path to open Privacy Controls and instead opens the folder in your Program Files. We are currently aware of the issue and our QA team is working on a solution.

In the meantime, please follow the instructions below to correct this issue:

When the Privacy Controls folder opens on start-up, simply locate and double-click the "Pareto_PC.exe" file. The executable file is usually located here:

C:\Program Files\ParetoLogic\Privacy Controls\Pareto_PC.exe

This will open ParetoLogic Privacy Controls. The program can finish erasing the items that required restarting as well as the registry key that was created to open the program on start-up. If you cannot locate the executable in the folder, please simply open Privacy Controls using the shortcut in your Start Menu.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact customer support for further assistance.