PC Health Advisor does offer registry scanning and cleaning, however, it also offers many other features that RegCure does not. To name just a few: Process Manager, Browser Object Manager, privacy features and Disk Management options as well as several other options and scanning features. Although it does not include the Advanced Shredding feature from Privacy Controls.

PC Health Advisor Key Features and Benefits:

  • Optimize your PC’s memory.
  • Removes active malware processes.
  • Get maximum speed by customizing Windows settings.
  • Save valuable space by trashing temporary and duplicate files.
  • Decrease startup times.
  • Improve performance with a clean registry.
  • Increase Internet speed and screen space: delete unneeded web browser add-ons.
  • Protect yourself and performance by wiping Internet history and cache.

Through the Optimize section of PC Health Advisor, there are many features which you can use to improve your computer's performance. You can increase the speed of your computer's startup times in the Startup Manager and if your computer is slow during general use, you can use the Process Manager to safely and effectively stop nonessential programs. If your internet browsing is slow, you can use the Browser Object Manager to ensure that only your desired add-ons are running with your internet browser. PC Health Advisor also provides you with the ability to Optimize Windows, saving you time and effort in setting up these features that you may not have known about.