You can access the Tools page from the program window.

To view the Tools page:

  • From the left pane of the program window, click the Tools tab.

The feature set includes the following tools:



Process Manager

Displays a list of processes, which you can choose to terminate to improve system performance.

Startup Manager

Displays the items that are set to start when you launch your computer. You can choose to disable or remove items to improve startup speed.

File Manager

With this manager, you can enter any file extension and find available software for it. The results include a description, information about the software, reviews, licensing (or free), and a link to the software to download an application of your choice.


Optimizes memory by putting parts of files in contiguous storage areas to make file saving and recall faster.

BHO Manager

Browser Helper Objects are browser plug-ins. These items are displayed and you can choose to disable them to improve browsing speed.