The Advanced Scan, by design, is a more thorough scan and recover tool than the Quick Scan. It looks for files on the hard disk drive and analyzes them before displaying those that can be recovered. As a result, this scan can take considerably longer than the Quick Scan.

Note: We recommend that you start an Advanced Scan and let it run during a "down" time of activity. To avoid overwriting your documents, it is recommended that you always recover your files to a different drive or folder from the location that they are being recovered from. Do not continue to use your computer as you may inadvertently overwrite the data you are attempting to recover.

To start an Advanced Scan:

1. In the Search for a specific filename or text enter text to look for in the filename or content.
2. Check the boxes under Areas to Scan to search those areas.
3. Check the boxes for Mounted and Unmounted Volumes to search.
4. Click the Start Scan button.