Performing a System Scan is a simple process and you can cancel anytime during the scan. You can set the Options before performing a scan or Review Results after a scan.


If you want to manually select one or more files and permanently delete them, use the Advanced Shred.


Start a Scan - Once you have selected which items you want to scan, you can choose from one of several ways to start a scan.


To begin a scan:

1. Click the Scan button on the left navigation menu.

2. Click the Start Scan button.

3. While the scan is running, the status is displayed and preview images will be displayed.


The first time you run a scan it may take a few minutes to complete. You can leave the scan running in the background and use other applications.


Stop a Scan - During the scan you have the option of stopping and returning to the first step.


To stop the scan:

1. Click the Cancel button.

2. Select the Back button to exit the scan results.

3. With the scan complete you can now review and remove the private information.