The PC Health Advisor scan is a systematic procedure that scans the registry, active and startup processes, and a privacy scan. After the scan is complete, the results are displayed.

Scan Areas

Registry Issues: This area scans for invalid registry entries.
Malware Processes: Scans for any malicious processes that are running on your system.
Active Processes: Scans for any unwanted processes that are running on your system.
Privacy Protection: Scans for items that are considered private or confidential so that you can easily remove them and free up space.
Startup Processes: Scans for startup items that are unnecessary to improve the time it takes for your system to startup.

Selecting Scan Components

Before you begin a scan, we recommend reviewing the items that are selected to be scanned. You can make adjustments so as to customize the items you want to scan, specifically the Registry and Privacy settings.

Start a Scan

Once you have selected which items you want to scan, you can choose from one of several ways to start a scan.

To begin a scan, do one of the following:

  • From the Home page, click the button: Click to Start Scan.
  • Right-click the system tray icon and select Start scan.

You will need to wait for the scan to complete. As the scan runs, the progress is displayed in the top portion of the window.

Stop a Scan

During the scan, you have the option of stopping and returning to the first step.

To stop the scan and return to the previous step:

  • Click the Cancel button. Results for the scanned sections are shown.
  • Click the Cancel button to return to the Home page.