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How do I use the Monitor section of FileCure?

The FileCure Monitor tool is very useful in keeping track of any changes to file associations. Certain files on your computer are associated with a corresponding program capable of opening it by default. When you double-click on the file, the associated program opens it or performs the default action on it. For example, a .txt file would be opened by a text editor application such as Notepad. These associations can be changed so that a different program opens the file by default.

In some cases file association occurs without your consent. For example, you may install new software and the newly installed program automatically changes the association of some files on your system. In cases such as this, the Monitor tool will notify you with a popup dialog. You can click this notification and bring up the FileCure Monitor page. The file association change is displayed and you can review it and choose to accept the change or revert it to the previous associated program.

The Monitor Alert

If there is a change to any file associations on your computer, a popup dialog is displayed near to the bottom of your screen.

To quickly view the change, do the following:

  • Click the popup message.

FileCure is opened to the Monitor tool page and the detected item is displayed.

To accept the change:

  • Click Accept Change for the detected item.

To revert the change:

  • Click Revert to this program for the detected item.

The item is removed from the Monitor list when you choose to revert a file association to its former association or if you accept the change.

When you exit the program, this list is cleared.

Stopping or Restarting the Monitor Feature

You have the option of turning the FileCure Monitor tool on or off off. If you are changing file associations manually, you can use the Manage page or turn off the Monitor temporarily to avoid notifications from the Monitor.

To turn off the Monitor feature:

  1. Right-click the FileCure icon located in the system tray.
  2. Select Stop Monitor or Start Monitor.

We recommend leaving the Monitor on so that you are notified of any changes to file associations.

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