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How do I scan with ParetoLogic Internet Security?

ParetoLogic Internet Security makes it easy to scan your system for malware.

To scan with ParetoLogic Internet Security:

  1. Open ParetoLogic Internet Security.
  2. Choose your scan type: Quick Scan, Full Scan, or Custom Scan (see options below)
  3. From the Scan page, click the green Start Scan button.
  4. After the scan is completed you can review the items detected, and see if there are any areas you do not want to fix.
  5. Once you are ready, click Clean to begin fixing the detected issues.

Custom scan options:

When selecting a custom scan you can scroll through the list of folders and add or remove locations from being scanned.

  • Click the X icon next to locations you do not wish to scan
  • Click Add Folder(s) to browse for additional locations to add to the custom scan list.

Note: You can also drag and drop items directly onto the scan page to scan, or right-click them and select Scan with ParetoLogic Internet Security.
ParetoLogic Internet Security will automatically scan the first time you install it, or the first time you launch it after restarting your computer. In addition, if you have ParetoLogic Internet Security scheduled to scan automatically, it will run at those times.

To review items:

While looking at the results page you may want to review the specific items to be fixed. Information displayed covers the following:

  • Threat name: The identity of the malware that was detected.
  • Threat category: The type of malware that was detected.
  • Items affected: The number of the items that are infected.
  • Clean action: Description about the cleaning method that will be applied. See Quarantine for more information.
  • Threat level: Information about the threat level and how your system can be compromised.

For more information, please watch our tutorial video at

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